OC YOGA FESTIVAL | Newport Dunes | Saturday, Jan 26th 2019



9am-10:15am: Carly Michele Pepin: RelationshipsMind and Body Balancing – Bringing Yoga Into Your Daily Life

Everyday life challenges cause you to consistently waver in and out of a peaceful state of being. Your mind, body and soul is continuously working with the Universe to help you return to this state of grace. When you learn how to understand the feedback your life experiences are giving you, you are able to move in and out of this state more frequently and with more ease. This brings you the opportunity to love where you are at and who you are in any moment. You then become inspired and grateful to see where your challenges will take you, allowing you to move through them more quickly. This replaces the old patterns of challenges overtaking your life and keeping you in emotional pain. In this discussion, Human. Behavior specialist Carly Pepin will be sharing with you some of the principles that are present to help you to recognize the feedback you are receiving from your challenges. She will review:

  • The dynamics of your personal and professional relationships
  • Understanding Reflective Consciousness and how it plays a role in your own development and ability to grow in all areas of life
  • How your body can be used as a feedback tool to assist you in understanding underlying emotional imbalances
  • How to change the quality of your questions to bring more clarity into challenges you are experiencing now



10:30am-11:45am: Erika Burkhalter: Interconnected…A new Vision of Self

Erika Burkhalter | Newport Beach Ambassador

Neurophilosopher Erika Burkhalter tackles consciousness in this invigorating exploration of connectedness.  Through the venues of both mythology and science, the author will share portions of her forthcoming book and lead a discussion and an exercise on our connections to each other, to the planet and to universal consciousness.  (Erika Burkhalter, MS Neuropsychology, MA Yoga Studies, YACEP).



12:00pm-1:15pm: Journal Junkie Workshop: Gennah Rodriguez

Clear your mind, connect with your intuition, and discover your hearts deepest desires through this transformational workshop. Led by Certified Wellness and Life Coach, Gennah Nicole, Journal Junkie is designed to help you begin a journaling practice by asking soulful questions, teaching various writing prompts and guiding you through visual meditations. Attendees will be provided with a new journal, so be sure to bring an open mind and an honest heart.


1:30pm-2:45pm: Nishit Rathod: Yoga Philosophy




3pm-4PM: THE LEO KING: Eclipse discussion

4PM-5PM: Q&A w/The Leo King

5PM-6PM: The Current Astrology Chart

6PM-7PM: Q&A and Meet & Greet w/The Leo King